Various senior organizations are currently looking for artists to partner with to apply for LEAP funding.   LEAP – Learning Elders Arts Program is a project-based initiative designed to provide Island seniors with the opportunity to learn various artistic disciplines from local artists.  This program is based on the belief that the arts will greatly enhance the lives of seniors.

Seniors' Organizations seeking artists

  • The Breckenhouse Adult Day Health Program, in Charlottetown, is looking for an artist to partner with in a LEAP program application.  They are very open and flexible regarding the type of artistic activity.  If you are interested, please contact Pam Laird at 368-4611.

  • The Colville Manor, in Souris, is looking for an artist to partner with in a LEAP program application.  They are particularly interested in a woodworking project.  If you are interested, please contact Carol Anne Matheson (between the hours of 8:15 am - 4:15 pm) at 687-7104.

  • The Garden Home, at 310 North River Road, Charlottetown, is looking for an artist to partner with in a LEAP program application for an arts activity with 20-25 residents, running for about 10 weeks between January and March 2012. They have had painting classes in the past and would like to try something new this year, perhaps pottery.   If you are interested, please contact Linda Harding, Director of Activities by email at ghactivities@peiseniorshomes.com  or by calling 892-4131.

  • The Selkirk Millennium Club, in Eldon PEI, is looking for an artist to partner with in a LEAP program application, for basket weaving, weaving, digital photography or macramé classes.  If you are interested, please contact Eleanor Lacaire at 659-2333.

  • The Sunshine Group in O’Leary is looking for an artist to partner with in a LEAP program application.  They would like to have an activity that would appeal to both men and women.  Some examples they suggested were sand sculptures, working with sea glass, painting of found material (like buoys) etc.  They would like to work with an artist in the area and are currently collecting names for consideration.

If you are interested, please contact Shirlene O’Brien by email at sobrien@futuretechwest.com or by calling (902) 859-1965.  You can also reach Thelma Sweet, President of the Sunshine Group, at (902) 859-1965.

Artists interested in working with seniors' organizations

  • Susan Christensen
I am interested in the LEAP Program again this year, painting with acrylics. I participated in the LEAP Program 2011 at Whisperwood Villa.

Susan Christensen
8-35 Glen Stewart Dr.
Stratford PE C1B 2W3

  • Anne Gallant
I have some cds of art lectures on the great masters like Van Gogh, Da Vinci, and so on.  What I am offering is a course however many weeks they want. We listen to a 30 minute lecture on one of the great masters then we play with paints and try to recreate one of their works of art. These CDs are put together by various universities throughout the US, I have over 60 lectures. They are great!

I think this could be very interesting for seniors.

Anne Gallant

  • Cindy Lapeña
I'm interested in working with the LEAP program.
My artistic disciplines are:
- Visual Arts (Sketching, Painting)
- Crafts
- Dance (Polynesian, Contemporary/Expressive, Philippine Folkdance, Ballroom)
- Theatre (Acting & Directing)
- Creative Writing

Experience working with seniors: volunteer work teaching crafts, expressive dancing, painting for several years

My contact information is as follows:

Cindy Lapeña
12-11 Rockcliffe Ave.
Charlottetown, PE C1A 6P2
Tel. No. 367-2160

  • Julia Purcell
I very much enjoyed the LEAP projects I did the past few years in my area of Clyde River/Cornwall and am ready to expand my reach a little. I facilitate the renewal or beginning of senior's  fascination with watercolor painting. It is both challenging and rewarding and that is why it is so much fun. One year I combined painting with journal writing and a bit of poetry and that went extremely well. The proportion of writing to painting was up to the participants.

I do play the piano and guitar and sing too. It would be fun to find a way to combine music making with painting. Perhaps a host group would like to explore that idea with me.

Painting found objects like old chairs, shoes, instruments, old milk jugs etc, etc would be a great project too. Combining that with some painted  canvas floor mats  would be an excellent project for younger seniors. Depending on the paints used this would require ventilation and space for drying time.

So there are at least three ideas for someone to partner with me.

I have been teaching drawing and painting for the last four years at the Senior's College and with LEAP.  I show my paintings at various galleries and at my home studio.

Julia Purcell
Telephone:  368 7526

  • Tom Rath
I am a freelance writer and the Montague Area Coordinator of Seniors College. My credentials are, in brief:

- Writer and Editor of the former Island Living and The Updater magazines;
- Contributor to Prince Edward Island Tales and More Prince Edward Tales books as a member of the Montague Library Writers Group;
- Wordsmith with Tom Rath Communication Services;
- Author of KittenCat Adventures for a Special Person (reviewed by Elizabeth Cran "Any cat lover of any age will enjoy this little book. It's not cute or coy or even modern in its style; in other words, it's true to life and ageless. Congratulations to Tom Rath!);
- Past President of Southern Kings Arts Council;
- Facilitator/Instructor of Effective Writing course as part of Seniors College curriculum.

Based upon a client group's wishes, I can develop and deliver courses which assist potential writers wanting to record memories, create short fiction stories, document factual articles, explore verse and song writing, and publish their works in print and electronic versions.

I live in Eastern Kings, but am able to travel to other Island locations.

Thank you for your consideration.

Tom Rath
346 Weatherby Road, RR 3 St-Peters Bay PE C0A 2A0
583-2888 (H) 393-7952 (C)

  • Julia Sauvé
I am very interested in working with seniors in the area of "dance/moving to music". I've been working as a dance teacher/choreographer on P.E.I. for the past 32 years and presently teach a class called Dance for the Health of it at dance umbrella in Charlottetown. I firmly believe (and the research supports) that moving to music and control over the body is essential for well-being and health. I've worked with people of all ages and range of ability and as a Movement Educator; I'm passionate about the joy that they find in finding a flow with their bodies. I can send my resume or bio if necessary. Thank you for your consideration, Julia Sauvé, MA

P.O. Box 45 Victoria, P.E.I. C0A 2G0
(902) 658-2434

  • Reasha Walsh
I run Spotlight Theatre Company, a Theatre arts school and production company. I teach classes in acting, musical theatre and improv. I have a studio located at 271 Water St. in Summerside. For more information on Spotlight Theatre Company, please feel to visit our website at www.spotlighttheatrecompany.ca

Reasha Walsh
Spotlight Theatre Company
Artistic Director

  • Jennifer Brown
I am an art educator living in Crapaud. I am interested in the LEAP program, and delighted to hear that it exists.
I have my BFA and MFA in Art Education from Concordia, taught in both the public and private schools of Montreal for 30 years, taught seminars in Art Ed in Concordia, McGill, Bishop's and did in-service workshops for teachers in the major school boards there.
I created and taught seniors' classes for the Lakeshore School Board in the evenings for several years.

I taught painting privately to a lady at The South Shore Villa for two winters. I also volunteered with my father, who ran art therapy at the Veterans' Hospital in the Montreal area. He was awarded the Caring Canadians Governor General's Award for the work done there.
As an art educator, I am comfortable with all media, but for a seniors' group in which there would be mixed abilities, retention and focus, I would design a program and activities flexible enough to allow for all to participate at their own levels.
Some ideas are;
  Personal illustrated journals. These would be in ring-bound sketch books, illustrated in mixed media; cut -out collage, sketches (A specific day or two to do sketching skills), photos and ephemera. The text would be the choice of participants; memories, anecdotes, PEI over the years, favourite books and TV programs, friends and family....
  Clay. This is easy hands-on material, and the use varies from rolling and cutting out like pastry dough( an accomplished skill for most ladies), to creating bowls, nameplates for doors, photo frames,  animals...
  Painting. Depending on abilities, this could be done in acrylics or water-soluble crayons which go on like crayon, then are activated with water and a brush. Of course, I would offer teaching and guidance throughout the process.
  Collage. Wonderful creations can be assembled by cutting and gluing. Tissue paper collage is a vibrant, colourful way to create paintings with simple materials. This is a non-threatening medium.

Ideally, given the retention limits of some seniors and occasional absences, each class should be complete within itself and participants should have a tangible, successful result at the end of each class. I normally focus on process more than product, but in the case of these participants, a product is a source of pride and accomplishment.
My preference would be the Villa.

Jennifer Brown
Art Educator BFA, MFA Art Education