The PEICA's Grant Polices


Terms used:

Peer Review Committee – The Peer Review Committee is a standing committee of the Board of Directors. This committee:
• is responsible for making recommendations to the Board regarding Peer Review policies;
• reviews the findings of external Peer Review auditors and reports to the Board; 
• is responsible for assessing appeals and extension requests and making binding decisions regarding these appeals and requests; and
• is responsible for keeping abreast of peer agencies’ policies for peer review and granting programs to ensure parity across jurisdictions, particularly between the Council and federal granting programs, including those of the Canada Council for the Arts.

Peer Adjudication Committee – The Peer Adjudication Committee is an ad hoc committee responsible for the adjudication of grant applications. It is constructed as per section 7 below.

Description and Principles

1. Grants from the Prince Edward Island Council of the Arts (“the Council”) are intended to assist individuals, small groups, troupes, bands, and organizations working in any of the arts disciplines. These grants may be funded through monies received for distribution through allocations from the Department of Community and Cultural Affairs, other Provincial or Federal agencies, or other funds as directed by the Council. Not all grant programs may be available in all years. 
2. Grant Programs shall reflect the goals and priorities of the Council and may include programs for individual artists, groups, bands, and troupes, arts organizations, and programs for short-term professional study and development and may include travel. Grant programs are not intended for full time study. Specific grant programs may or may not be offered in each year.
3. Major grants programs shall be adjudicated using the principles of “peer review”. Supplementary programs (such as travel grants and professional development, scholarships and bursaries), or special initiatives, may be adjudicated or assessed by other means appropriate to the program or initiative.
4. Bursary and/or Scholarship programs may be offered as funds permit. These programs may be directed towards full time study.


5. Grants are adjudicated two times per year. The deadlines for applications are April 30 and October 30. In the event that a deadline falls upon a Saturday, Sunday, Statutory Holiday, or storm day (in which Postal Outlets and/or Provincial Government offices are closed) the Deadline will move to the next business day. Applications delivered directly to Council offices must be received by 4:00PM on the day of the deadline. Application submitted via Canada Post must bear a postmark of or before the deadline date.
6. The deadline may be extended in the case of extraordinary circumstances by the Chairperson or Executive Director. In the event that a deadline is extended an announcement shall be made on CBC radio, as well as posted on the Council’s web site.


7. Each Peer Assessment Committee shall consist of a Chairperson, a six member committee of peer adjudicators as assembled by the Executive Director from a list of names approved by the Board of the Council, and administrative staff as deemed necessary by the Chairperson. 
7.1. The Chairperson of the Council shall serve as Chairperson of the Peer Assessment Committee and shall be non-voting. 
7.2. The Chairperson of the Council may designate as Chairperson of the Peer Assessment Committee any other Director of the Council or the Executive Director. 
7.3. Council membership may recommend names for potential peer adjudicators to the Chairperson of the Council for further consideration by the Board of Directors. This may be done at any time.
8. All members of the Peer Assessment Committee, and all staff present for the adjudication must read and abide by and sign the Council’s Code of Ethics for Assessors
9. The priorities sought by the panel are, in order of priority:
9.1. The artistic merit of the project.
9.2. The relevance of this work to the Artist’s development.
9.3. The potential of the applicant(s) to carry through the project.
9.4. The significance of the project’s contribution to the development of the Arts on Prince Edward Island.
10. The adjudication and notification of the applicant shall take no longer than six weeks from the closing date of the application.


11. All applications are to be submitted in typewritten form or, if handwritten, in block lettering using black or blue ink. Applicants are responsible for ensuring that applications are clear and legible.
12. Applicants are required to submit seven (7) copies of the application in total. All copies must be collated and stapled. In the event that less than seven (7) copies are submitted, or, the copies are not stapled or collated properly, the application may not be considered.
13. An organization must indicate if it is incorporated or non-incorporated. If it is non-incorporated, the application must include constitution, by laws and description of membership.
14. Applications are assessed on the information provided by the applicant. The adjudication committee does not contact the applicant for additional information once the adjudication process has begun. It is the responsibility of the applicant to provide sufficient documentation to allow the adjudication committee to consider the application fairly. Applications should be strongly supported with relevant supporting material such as slides, tapes, manuscripts, etc. All support material must be picked up at the Council of the Arts office upon completion of the adjudication. Support material not retrieved by the applicant 6 weeks following notification shall be disposed of by the Council.
15. The applicant may contact their Discipline Representative or Council staff for additional information concerning the grants prior to the adjudication. The Discipline Representative may be asked to comment on each application received within their discipline. 
16. Application forms and information concerning the grants are available in both official languages. The Council insures that all documents are translated.
17. Letters of appraisal/support must be completed and returned to the Council of the Arts by the two appraisers by regular mail. Electronic versions, faxed letters, and email messages are not acceptable.
18. Individuals and organizations may apply for and receive a travel/study grant in conjunction with their project grant to the maximums indicated below (Section 23). 
19. As funds permit, special grant programs may be implemented. Eligibility, including maximum amounts, previous success in other programs and other criteria will be decided on a program by program basis.
20. Applications for grants for capital items are not eligible. 


21. Applicants must have been a resident of Prince Edward Island for a minimum of six months prior to the submission of their application.
22. Applicants may not receive more than one grant per program in a 12 month period and can receive no more than $10,000 in any 48 month period. E.g. An applicant successful at an adjudication with an April deadline may not apply to the following adjudication with a November deadline but may apply to the following April assuming their project is complete and the final report has been submitted and accepted.
23. Maximums have been set for each category that may not be exceeded in one calendar year.
23.1. Emerging Artists - $3000.00
23.2. Senior Artists - $5000.00
23.3. Small Groups, Troupes, Bands, and Arts Organizations - $5000.00
24. A project that has not received support may not be submitted more than twice.

Successful Applications

25. Successful applicants must return a signed Confirmation of Acceptance and Contract to the Council no later than four weeks following notification. Applicants who do not respond are considered to have reconsidered their project and forfeited their grant as per Section 28.1.
26. Successful applicants may request up to 75 per cent of the total amount granted in their confirmation of acceptance.
27. All projects are to be completed within 12 months of the deadline under which the application was submitted OR the date indicated on the contract signed by the applicant. All unspent monies are to be returned to the Prince Edward Island Council of the Arts. 


28. In the event that any of the following conditions apply the entire amount of the grant awarded is considered forfeit:
28.1. The Applicant fails to return a Confirmation of Acceptance within the time allotted.
28.2. The Applicant substantially changes the proposal without consulting with and obtaining the approval of the Adjudication Committee
28.3. The applicant uses the funds received for a purpose other than that proposed in the application submitted to the Council.
28.4. The applicant fails to produce the work proposed within 12 months of the approval of the proposal and does not obtain an authorized extension to their program of work
28.5. The applicant fails to show evidence of proper acknowledgment of the Council’s support for the project as per Section 36 below.


29. Successful Applicants may receive permission to change their originally proposed project or program of work when:
29.1. The new proposal is in keeping with the artistic vision of the original proposal
29.2. The new program of work can be completed within the remaining time allotted

30. Requests for an amendment to a project should contain:
30.1. The original project and program of work.
30.2. The proposed project and program of work,
30.3. Reason for the amendment, and;
30.4. Statement from the applicant that the project will be completed within the time allotted.

31. Request should be sent to the Peer Review Committee, Prince Edward Island Council of the Arts, 115 Richmond Street, Charlottetown, PE C1A 1H7 and must be postmarked prior to the completion date of the project.


32. Successful Applicants may receive an extension of the deadline for completion of their program of work only under extreme circumstances as per the Council’s Grant Extension Policy .


33. Applicants may submit a written appeal of the results of an adjudication as per the Council’s Grant Adjudication Appeal Policy.


Final Reports

34. All Applicants are held accountable for the monies they receive. A written report, detailing the work carried out and a statement of revenue and expenses must be submitted to the Council of the Arts six weeks after the project/program is completed. Individuals submit the statement of expenses with original receipts. Organizational recipients of a grant are held accountable for the monies they receive. A written report, detailing the work carried out, a statement of revenue and expenses and a balance sheet with original receipts must be submitted at the organization's year end.
35. Two (2) copies of the completed work or documentation thereof must be submitted to the Council for retention in the Council’s Library. This material may be used by the Council in advocacy, lobbying, or for the promotion of the Council. 


36. The following credit must be used in all publications or reference with regard to the project: 

The Council’s logo available in a variety of formats via the Council’s office or website at:


"Funding for this project is administered by the Prince Edward Island Council of the Arts, on behalf of the Department of Community & Cultural Affairs." 
"Funding for this project is administered by the PEI Council of the Arts, on behalf of the Department of Community & Cultural Affairs." 

The minimum printed height of the Council’s logo is 6mm for small items such as CD cases. For larger items, the size should be appropriate to the product on which the logo and message appear. Recognition should be prominent.

Applicants who have questions regarding acknowledgment should contact Council staff to determine appropriate usage. 

Failure to provide proper acknowledgment may result in forfeiture of the outstanding portion of the grant and may inform future grant decisions.

Final Payments

37. Applicants will receive any remaining grant monies following the submission, review, and approval by Council staff of their final report. Council staff may request additional information or evidence of successful completion and may withhold final payment until such information is received.
38. Unspent funds must be returned to the Council.



This policy governs the application, criteria, deliberation, notification, and conditions of extension for grants received from the Prince Edward Island Council of the Arts (the Council).


1. Applications to receive an extension must be received through the mail, in writing, and signed by the applicant.
(a) Letters must be addressed to the Peer Review Committee, Prince Edward Island Council of the Arts, 115 Richmond Street, Charlottetown, PE C1A 1H7
(b) Postmark on the envelope must be prior to the natural expiry of the original grant (12 months from the deadline date for the grant received). Requests received after this period will not be considered.


2. Requests for extensions will be considered by the “Peer Review Committee” (the Committee) as appointed by the Board of Directors (the Board) including two members of the Board and the Executive Director. In the absence of a sitting Peer Review Committee requests will be considered by the Executive Committee.

(a) Extensions will considered by the Committee (or Board) as received. Every effort will be made to provide a response within 30 days of receipt.
(b) Extensions are granted by simple majority vote by the Committee (or Board)
(c) Results of the Committee of Board are final and not subject to appeal.
(d) Extensions to Grants will be made only in extreme circumstances (such as injury, family trauma etc.) or when circumstances far beyond the applicants control delay a component of the proposed program. 
(e) The Committee (or Board) retains final authority over what constitutes suitable circumstances for extension.
(f) Failure of an applicant to review the conditions of their grant (deadline for completion, use of monies etc.) does not constitute suitable circumstances for extension.


3. Applicants will receive notification of decision by mail. The letter will describe the conditions of the extension as outlined below and include a copy of these conditions that must be signed, dated, and returned by mail to the Council. Applicants have 30 days to acknowledge the extension. Extensions are not considered complete until the signed acknowledgment is received by the Council.


4. With the exception of the new project end date as determined by the Committee, all other aspects of accountability remain in effect as per the Council’s Grant Policy. All Extensions granted by the Committee are subject to specific conditions:
(a) Extensions cannot be granted to extensions.
(b) The new deadline, as determined by the Committee is absolute. 
(c) The recipient of the Grant assumes complete responsibility for completing the project and delivering a final report to the Council either in person or by mail. 
(d) If delivered in person, the documents must be delivered ON or BEFORE the deadline date. If the deadline date falls on a Saturday or Sunday, documents must be delivered on the business day after the deadline.
(e) If delivered by mail, the documents must be postmarked ON or BEFORE the deadline date.

5. If a recipient fails to meet the conditions of the extension all grant monies are immediately forfeit, due and payable to the Council. 
6. Until either of the two following conditions are met that applicant is no longer eligible for funding from the Council:
(a) ALL monies received by the applicant from the Council are repaid in full.
(b) The project is completed as per the original grant application, evidence of completion and a complete final report is delivered to the Council. In this case, only the remaining 25% of the original grant is forfeit.



This policy governs the eligibility, criteria, mechanism for appeals of Grant decisions made through the process of Peer Review.

Eligibility and Criteria

1. An Applicant may appeal the results of an adjudication decision on the basis of the following:
(a) He or she believes that a jury acted improperly in assessing the application submitted by acting outside of the Council’s GRANT POLICY or CODE OF ETHICS


2. Application for Appeal must be submitted by registered mail addressed to Peer Review Committee, Prince Edward Island Council of the Arts, 115 Richmond Street, Charlottetown, PE C1A 1H7

An applicant must submit their appeal, including evidence of 1.a to the Peer Review Committee within 4 weeks of notification of the adjudication results.


3. The Peer Review Committee shall review the letter of appeal, and may interview participants from that adjudication.
(a) Should the Peer Review Committee find the appeal to be with merit, the application will be resubmitted to the next adjudication without prejudice. The application will be resubmitted exactly as presented to the initial Peer Assesment Committee. The applicant may not review the application, amend, or alter it in any way. Nor may the applicant add additional support materials, nor remove materials submitted previously.
(b) The decision of the subsequent adjudication shall be considered final, and is not subject to further appeal.